About Us


B4Effect is a young, innovative video production company that takes a fresh approach to commercial and creative cinematography. Founded in 2015 by partners Hafez Safavi and Peyman Soheli, the company benefits from the decade of cinematography experience that both of these skilled entrepreneurs hold. Clients also recognize the tight-knit and coordinated B4Effect team which bonds over one goal – creating a memorable, top-quality production every time.

B4Effect has created outstanding commercial advertisements for a wide range of businesses – from law firms and technology companies, to popular apps and trendy boutiques. We are confident in our ability to meet each of our clients’ unique needs, and consistently exceed expectations. Our creative projects have also ranged widely – from showcasing events and venue spaces to creating music video productions for popular recording artists internationally.


We pride ourselves in taking care of clients from steps A to Z. We value the importance of building a relationship with clients, and developing a true understanding of their goals and needs. That’s why we take the extra time to sit down with our clients one-on-one and personalize each step of the process from pre to post-production to their needs.


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